Table of Contents

  1. Understand 5 Reasons People Give
  2. Margin. Margin. Margin.
  3. Create An Obstacle And Opportunity Fund
  4. Change Up The Offering
  5. Staff Must Give
  6. Check Staff Giving
  7. Leverage Digital Giving
  8. Teach Giving
  9. Want Something FOR People Instead Of FROM People
  10. Connect With High Capacity Donors
  11. Cast Clear Vision – Then Do It Again And Again
  12. Hold Everyone Accountable
  13. Involve Others
  14. Recognize The Power Of Volunteers
  15. Maximize Capital Campaigns
  16. Learn How To Say, “No!”
  17. Seek God’s Direction For All Decisions
  18. Stay Awhile
  19. Be OK When People Leave Because You Talk About Money
  20. Be A Generous Church
  21. Celebrate The Vision
  22. Win With Your Own Money
  23. Don’t Hire Broke People
  24. Don’t Hide Financial Mishaps
  25. Don’t Strap The Church With Outrageous Debt
  26. Get Away Often
  27. “It” Is A Wasteland That Eats Cash
  28. Pay Your Staff Well
  29. Provide On-Ramps To Giving
  30. Budget Using Wisdom And Faith
  31. Communicate With First-Time Givers
  32. Be Yourself
  33. Ask: Do We Really Need This?
  34. Teach Practical Personal Financial Management Skills
  35. Provide One-on-One Financial Counseling
  36. Haste Makes Waste
  37. Hire Consultants
  38. Know The Important Financial Numbers
  39. Create A Staff Spending System
  40. Connect Life Change To Giving
  41. Connect Relationally With Your Church
  42. Maximize Year-End Giving
  43. Fix The Summer Slump
  44. Fund Life Change – Not The Squeaky Wheel
  45. Model The Way – Be A Generous Giver
  46. Develop A Generosity Brand
  47. Have A Mentor
  48. How To Ask People For Money
  49. Prioritize Your Family
  50. Talk To Non-Christians About Giving