This book is for every church leader looking to generate more money for ministry.

One of the top issues faced by leaders is the challenge of increasing operational income. Most of us know how to accurately account for money, but it is difficult for many to generate additional revenue. Yet in formal education, this topic is rarely or barely addressed. It is essential that leaders equip themselves to address this vital component to the long-term success of their ministry.

We have heard it said that pastors must equip their congregation financially because they want something FOR them instead of FROM them. That is what this book is all about. It has been written to equip leaders to fund the vision of their church with proven principles and steps that can be read today and implemented immediately. These are not gimmicks or tricks. These are proven biblical financial management principles and funding techniques.

This book is a collection of practices we have observed through our own experiences and the experiences of the churches we have worked with. It is our hope that a church leader can pick up this book, turn to any page and read information that will immediately help them fund the Kingdom even more. We pray that as you apply the principles and techniques in this book, you will see even more funding for the vision God has given you.